Sunday, October 7, 2012

Celebrities and their Luxary Cars

There is a New Passion in Salman's Life , a limited edition blue Suzuki Intruder M1800RZ. The enthusiastic biker recentely added this cruiser to his enviable collection



The newest addition to his Suzuki superbike  portfolio, the Intruder , is a four stroke, 2-Cylinder, liquid-
 cooled,DOHC,  54 Degree V-twin engine



Ajay Devgan Likes To Travel in style. The actor is known for his love of cars.But sometimes practicality takes over style.The actor chose to navigate through the Mumbai traffic in an i20.But once you're used to luxury,travelling economy is tough. So he did the next best thing -bought Mini Cooper.
 Now he travels in style and keeps his appointments.



Saif Ali Khan like macho vehicles and thus owns two of the most capable SUVs - Totota Landcruiser and
Range Rover Sports. Both these vehicles offer excellent off- road ability.


Amitabh Bachan owns some of the best luxury cars. He used to have a Benteley Arnage R , earlier and now travels in a Rolls-Royce Phantom. ThePhantom Cost upwords of Rs 4.5 Cr.


Kangna Ranaut bought herself a BMW 7 Series on her 21st birthday. She it's very spacious
and comfortable car


Dia Mirza drives a Lexus LXSUV


Bipasha Basu shows off her brand new Beetle that shae calls 'Brad'



Priyanka Chopra owns a Porsche Cayenne and a Mercedes S-Class. Not many own a Cayennein Bollywood and this choice of Priyanka is really unique.The porsche Cayenne range starts at Rs 77Lakhs and goes all the upto 1.60 crore




Abhishek Bachchan bought the Audi A8L earlies this month. His customized Audi is powered by a 4.2 - 
 Liters V8 diesel engine produces 350BHP and 800 Nm.It cost upwards of Rs 1.0 crore





 11.Salman Khan is a SUV lover too. He owns a Audi Q7, Range Rover and BMW X6. He also owns a Suzuki Hayabusa sports bike, which was once the fastest motorcycle in the world.


12.Kareena Kapoor owns a Lexus LX470 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. While the Lexus is imported, the S-Class is the most expensive car to be assembled in India, retailing at a price upwards of Rs. 1 crore.

 13.Sanjay Dutt has the best car collection in Bollywood. He owns a Rolls-Royce Phantom, Audi A8, Audi R8, Audi Q7, Range Rover Sport, Bentley Continental and a Ferrari 599 GTB. He also owns a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy.


 14.Imran Khan might be the latest entrant in Bollywood but has quickly acquired four desirable cars - a Porsche Cayenne, BMW 3-Series, Volkswagen Beetle (his wife drives it) and a Ferrari California.


 15.Shahid Kapoor is a big fan of JLR vehicles. He owns a Range Rover and a Jaguar XK-RS. These vehicles cost more than Rs. 1 crore each. Shahid also owns a Harley-Davidson Fatboy.


 16.Shahrukh Khan is a big BMW fan. While his wife drives a 6-Series, he is usually seen in a 7-Series. The BMW 7-Series costs more than a crore and gives company to King Khan's Audi A6 and Bentley Continental GT.


 17.John Abraham owns a Audi Q7 too but is more of a biker. He rides a Yamaha R1 super bike, which produces 180 BHP of power from its 1000 cc engine. It costs Rs. 13 lakhs.


 18.Katrina Kaif owns a Audi Q7, which is the favorite of many in Bollywood. The Audi Q7 costs around Rs. 70 lakhs and is powered by 3.0-litre and 4.2-litre diesel engines, which produce 236 BHP and 362 BHP respectively.

19.Hrithik Roshan drives a Porsche 911 Carrera. This super car produces 350 BHP of power and 390 Nm of torque from its 3434cc, 6-cylinder engine. It retails at a price of Rs. 1.22 crore.


 20.Aamir Khan owns a Rolls-Royce Ghost. The Ghost costs upwards of Rs. 3 crore and is powered by a 6.6-litre V12 engine which produces 563 BHP and 780 Nm.


 21.Rajinikanth is one of the biggest super hero in India and you would imagine he must be driving a Bugatti Veyron. However he owns and drives the humble Premier Padmini. He also turned down a BMW 7-Series which Shahrukh Khan gifted him.

22.Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has bought herself a brand new 2013 Mercedes G63 worth USD 150,000. In the last few years Kardashian has shelled out more than USD 1.2m on a series of customised top of the range motors, reported Daily Mail.












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